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Taylor Swift was right when she said, “nothing ruins your day more than a bad review,” but a bad review is not the be all end all, and it’s bound to happen sooner or later. You have to come to terms that you simply cannot please everyone, and while it may seem purely gratifying to respond with a heated rebuttal defending your business and lashing out sly remarks, it’s way better to take a deep breath, bite your tongue, and come up with a solution. Reach out to the unhappy customer in a positive manner and let them know, you read what they wrote, you want to know more about the problem and create a solution that pleases both parties.

However, before you can come up with a solution you have to discover the problem. There are many review platforms, aside from your social-media sites and web pages that have been made available to you and the public that depending on your business; you should be active on and regularly checking.


A few of the most popular review platforms are:

Yelp!Yelp! is a free review site that allows consumers to rate your business or you as a professional on a 5-star scale. All businesses and professionals can set up a profile on this site for free. Yelp! also places your happy customers at the top of your review feed. The site offers  a place to gather reviews, go over your background and company, provide contact information and upload a picture.

Angie’s list- This site is a member only site and does come with a fee. Angie’s list is also only geared toward service-based businesses. Reviews are based on of an A-F scale; they are typically very well-thought out due to the consumers investment into the site. The site does not allow anonymous reviews, helping to reduce the amount of fake negative reviews created by competition. You do have to have a membership to view and post reviews. Memberships run around $29.00 a year and with that you can describe your company, tell about your background, and read and respond to reviews.


Google reviews/local/places-  Anyone can leave a review for your business on this free review site and is based on a 5 star rating. Consumers can leave written reviews, post pictures and share the review profile page with their google+ circles. The site does not allow personal pages, only business. This is a great option to keep records of your overall company reviews.


Insider Pages This is a local based review platform that is free and allows consumers to share reviews and is based on of a 5 star rating as well. They’ve been around since 2004 and have generated millions of viewers. Their results get indexed in the SERPs.  This site is used to review businesses only.



For more advanced reviews you should check:

Better Business Bureau (BBB)–  The BBB evaluates many businesses against a set of values of how businesses should treat the consumers. While the site does not directly endorse businesses they provide the public with valuable information about businesses and whether they have or have not met the BBB’s accreditation standards. The BBB grades business on a A+-F scale. This non profit organization has been a staple of reviewing business and building trust since 1912.

Keep an eye out for Part 2- How To Properly Handle A Bad Review


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