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Today the need for social-media marketing is no longer debatable, with two in five people in the world using some form of social-media. Companies that embrace social-media marketing as a central piece of their online strategy are much more likely to run a successful overall public relations campaign, and ultimately attract new customers. This type of marketing allows you to communicate daily with your clients on a personal level helping to build trust and optimize your brand recognition. Social-Media has changed the way we discover, connect, and share information.


Social-media sites are growing at a significant rate. Making social-media a staple priority of your company will allow for a stronger brand recognition, increase sales, expand your network in which you share knowledge and expertise, tap into your customer’s needs and wants, and generate new leads. Below are a three extensive reasons why social-media increases business revenue.


  1. Customer service: Social-media allows you to engage with your customers in real-time. Being visual on your social-media platforms create a reliable brand for your company and aids in building trust between you and your clients. For example Starbucks launched a one-on-one customer service engagement campaign where customers were invited to leave both negative and positive feedback. They also created a separate account where customers could leave ideas on what may make the Starbucks experience more enjoyable.
  2. Brand recognition: Social-media makes it easy for you to improve your brand by effectively establishing your brand’s overall personality that will be easily relatable to your clients and potential clients. For instance GE has been named the most exciting boring brand. The company does an excellent job creating relatable post on a variety of topics that intrigue their targeted audience and create a reliable and valued online brand.
  3. Customer feedback: Social-Media allows for you to read into the insights of your customers. This is an easy and quick way to obtain a clear idea of what is or what is not working for your company. Many companies are under the misconception that all negative feedback should be ignored or even deleted, this is simply not true. Put your listening skills to good use and come up with a solution that will please the unhappy customer. Statistics show that approximately 20% of negative feedback customers will become loyal customers if the situation is handled correctly.


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