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As we head towards the end of the year, many businesses are already looking ahead at the holiday season and wishing it would come sooner. Some, though, are putting in late hours searching for a boost before the pendulum swings its final stroke. But only a chosen few of the latter are finding a large untapped market available to them. The key is to know not only where to look for this market, but also how to look. This ‘silent majority’ is especially active during the autumn harvest months and may be a significant source of value, or trouble, to business owners with the innate ability to see them.

Meeting The Needs Of The Silent Majority

The Silent Majority can range widely in age and income, and often prefer to deal with issues in an indirect manner. These spirited potential clients are often committed to doing business with the right person for more than a lifetime.

They’re Ghostly Transparent

The silent majority never seem to be in a rush, as they do have an eternity to waste. With this being said you don’t have to worry about them rushing you to get the job done before the DEADline. They can be cold in their dealings but typically they are very easy to read, you can literally see right through them, making them easy to please and the perfect customer for your business.

Location Location Location

You are probably asking yourself “how can I find these customers?” Over time we have learned that they are very specific about their living corridors location, preferring close proximity to schools and cemeteries. They Do not respond to social-media marketing campaigns and statistics show that less that 1% have visited any online site, so it’s better to meet with them in spirit. Keep in mind that they do tend to wonder after the sun goes down making a daytime visit optimal.

Making A deal With The devil

Closing these deals, while exciting, may end up costing you more than you might expect. The currency of these clients is a barter system, and what they want for your services may be more than you are willing to part with. Be sure to eliminate all possible danger by having a very clear and detailed contract written up and having all parties sign.

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