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There is no greater value than a good business reputation, as it will open doors for you that you otherwise never would. Abraham Lincoln once said Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

Business Reputation management is even more important now than it was in the past. Your character and your reputation should  obviously coincide, making what people think about you true. Reputation is made up of two main factors, your actions and what other people say about you. Being a business owner you want your reputation to precede you in a positive way, this way you don’t have to sell yourself or brag, because others are doing it for you.  Today not only do you have to worry about how you present yourself in person but now you have to be sure your online presence is up to par as well.


How to create a positive business reputation on and off line:

Following these guidelines will help you gain customers, create trust, become a better person and businessman/woman, and ultimately build a positive reputation.

1.Stick to your word– if you say you are going to do something then do it. Don’t be flaky, no one wants to work with THAT GUY that is always late, or cancels appointments last minute. Let your customers know that you are not an absent T business owner or adviser.

2.Help others– Go above and beyond to help others reach their goals.  Being considered reputable goes far beyond having concerns only for your own advancement. Have a friend who’s  college graduate child is thinking about a position in your field? Help them out, teach them a few tricks of the trade and fill them in on what a day in your shoes is really like.

  1. Don’t bad mouth– Thumper said it best, “if you can’t say something nice then don’t say nothing at all.” People don’t wanna hear you throw your competitors under the buss. Keep your conversations positive and on task.
  2. Get involved– Attend community events, help people out, donate to charities with either funds or your time. People will see this and judge you on it.

Get involved on social-media sites, share valued information for your clients and your community.

  1. Remain Neutral–  We have a very heated election going on. If you come out and boastfully share your opinions you may lose some prospects. It’s okay to have opinions but when you are in the spotlight, you should always plead the fifth. Remaining neutral on politics, religion, and even sports is in your best interest.
  2. Act quickly on complaints–  If someone is complaining about you they obviously were not pleased with your services. Reach out to them and apologize, Let them know that they are heard and that you are truly sorry for not accommodating them better. Offer a way to fix the problem and then ask them to reconsider any past complaints.

7.Defend  yourself when it’s needed– The simple fact of the matter is that occasionally you will have that customer who goes above and beyond the range of dissatisfied and will do anything to ruin your reputation.  People like to spread rumor…It’s just a fact. Whether it is due to personal problems that have nothing to do with your way of business or people just being plain mean, y ou should first reach out to them to attempt to clear it up. If they refuse to speak with you but continue to blast negative feedback about you and your business you should remain calm and refute their allegations where you can.  It is pointless to let false claims hurt your business and your reputation. 


How are you representing your business in person and online?

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