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How To Properly Handle A Bad Review

Time Is Of The Essence-  First, quickly respond by personally letting your unhappy customer know that you are sincerely sorry, and remember the golden rule “the customer is always right” and for that, there is no reason to argue or become defensive. Around 95% of unhappy customers will return to your business if an issue is resolved quickly, efficiently, and politely.

Take it off-line- You should never handle an unhappy customer on-line, keep it private. Take it offline to avoid a possible mudslinging match.  Ask if you can contact them personally, the personal effort will be impressive and may help heal the wound faster.

Offer A Solution- Make them happy again by offering an incentive. Maybe offer some  one on one time to go over their wants and needs, or offer them a free service? Make them feel special and help educate them on anything they may be confused about.

Follow Up- If you’re dissatisfied customer does accept your solution you should follow up with them shortly after to be sure that your service pleased them. You should also take that time to apologize again, thank them for being honest and bringing the problem to your attention, and ask them to consider removing or updating their review to let people know that you engaged them, listened to them, and acted to make the situation right.

How you handle bad reviews will reflect on your company immensely. Look at any negative reviews as a new opportunity. If looked at this way, negative reviews, while still undesirable, can be even more exciting to address than positive reviews. Maybe that’s a stretch of the imagination, but at the very least they will motivate you to make positive changes.

One turn of a phrase to remember here is: Good service can make up for a bad meal, but a good meal will never make up for bad service.




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